Top 10 Immigration Friendly Countries


So you’re ready to leave your country and start a new life somewhere, but you’re not sure which destination is right for you. We picked the top ten most welcoming countries for immigrants, from the places with booming economies to the spots with the most progressive immigration policies and immigrant support services. Don’t just throw a dart at a map or follow your relatives: consider what your priorities will be and pick the country that’s right for you.

10. Brazil

Cristo Redentor Statue

Brazil is one of the biggest, most populous, and most diverse countries on earth. It also has a roaring economy and one of the biggest skill deficits in the world. Brazil wants to recruit as many as 6 million immigrants in the coming years according to the Miami Herald, so start learning Portuguese. Sure there are some harsh traffic problems in the biggest cities, and the murder rate is high at 25.2 per 100,000 inhabitants according to the UN, but rates have been declining and much of the crime occurs in the infamous favelas or shanty towns in the big urban centers. Literacy rates have soared from around 75% to 90% in the last few decades and competition for a spot at top-notch and tuition-free public universities is fierce. Top marginal personal tax rates run at a reasonable 27.5%, but kick in at Reais 53,500, a relatively low level. Brazil may be finally starting to live up to its national motto: Ordem e Progresso, or Order and Progress, which is emblazoned on the Brazilian Flag. And while Brazilians love their beautiful game, unless getting pounded by Germany in the 2014 World Cup Semi Final, their national sport is arguably Capoeira: a mix of martial arts and dance that comes from the lower classes and used to get you tortured by the authorities if they caught you practicing it. Safe to say those days are long gone. Nowadays, Brazil is a giant of a nation that is increasingly asserting itself on the world stage.

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