Internal Communications Trainee

Position: Internal Communications Trainee

Company: UCB, Brussel, Belgium

Salary: 1450 EUR per month


About UCB

UCB – Inspired by patients. Driven by science. At UCB, we put our heart, soul and skills into making a difference for people living with severe diseases. We look to transform patients’ lives by pushing the boundaries of what is possible. With us, our talents makes the most of who they are, unlocking innovation and setting new standards for patients. Everything we do starts with a simple question: “How will this make a difference to the lives of people living with severe diseases?” And to find the answers, we connect globally with patients and their families living with the physical and social burdens of severe disease. Wherever in the world we are based, and no matter what role we play in the company, we believe every one of us can have an impact across our organization. From early research right through to manufacturing, sales and our support functions in e.g. HR, IT and Finance, we all pull together in our own ways to achieve transformative solutions for patients and their families. Adding Value Being Valued Our aim is to provide an optimal individual experience by caring about and valuing our employees – just as we do for the patients we serve. It’s with respect and awareness that we care for our diverse group of employees around the world. We are also strongly committed to a culture of integrity, transparency and ethical leadership and take our responsibility to the planet very seriously. UCB – The Facts : – Global Biopharmaceutical company – Present in 36 countries – Sustainability as business approach – 8,300 people with over 70 nationalities – Focus on addressing chronic, neurological, immunological, and bone diseases – 3.5M patients positively impacted – Workforce of 49% women, 51% men – Total revenue of €5.3 billion in 2020 – 29% of revenue invested in R&D Curious to know more? Please visit our website



UCB has recently undergone a global transformation to standardize and centralize the way we do capability building in the company. This is a unique career opportunity to be part of building a support a new organization within the Talent (HR) framework at UCB. This role will work with the Customer Experience team under TA&L Operations. The primary focus of the role will be on communication & engagement, branding, UX and social collaboration, within the scope of the TA&L organization. Execute & support the communication and engagement (C&E) plan around TA&L organization. Create appealing presentations, decks and events in an engaging way (tell the story). Design campaigns and communication materials (including AV´s) to promote TAL´s products, services, tools and” ways”. UX reviews of our products and processes to identify and troubleshoot UX problems Research, interpretation of existing data and generation new ones when needed (designing surveys, conducting workshops, observing behaviors, interpreting the metrics of our sites…) Organize/ participate in workshops, creative brainstorms, Ta/ L “product” definitions and conceptualization of ideas. Create of user personas, experience maps, user journeys, interaction models, flows…

Working hours

Monday to Friday, 09:00am – 5:00pm


Helping us really understand our different audiences and how to engage with them. Establish relationship with key stakeholders – connect and be informed/updated on different initiatives
Creating creative and effective campaigns and events to promote our products, services and initiatives
Getting involved in the design and promotion of TAL products and processes from a user perspective, proposing adjustments and implementing them.
Following up/Tracking the adoption/usage/impact of our products and actions by putting the right measurements in place. Monitoring and extracting new insights and improvements from the data
Connecting and finetuning the different initiatives that are part of the TAL portfolio so that they make sense “in the big picture” and offer a consistent Talent Experience across global UCB.
Creating a UX culture and standard around us, being an ambassador for TAL

Available Slots: 15 Dec, 2021 – 15 Dec, 2022


Backgrounds: Design, Graphic design


UI design
UX design
Agile development
Content Management Systems
Graphics and Design
Web Content
Microsoft Powerpoint
Empowerment of others
Image editing

Languages: English


Ukraine (Required)
Slovenia (Required)
Slovakia (Required)
The Netherlands (Required)
Switzerland (Required)
Sweden (Required)
Spain (Required)
Romania (Required)
Portugal (Required)
Poland (Required)
Norway (Required)
Monaco (Required)
Malta (Required)
Lithuania (Required)
Latvia (Required)
Luxembourg (Required)
Italy (Required)
Ireland (Required)
Hungary (Required)
Greece (Required)
Georgia (Required)
Germany (Required)
Finland (Required)
Estonia (Required)
Denmark (Required)
Czech Republic (Required)
Cyprus (Required)
Croatia (Required)
Bulgaria (Required)
Austria (Required)

Minimum study level: Bachelor (Required)

The steps involved in being recruited for this job.

1- Selection
2- 1st interview
3- 2nd interview
4- Selection

Estimated process time is: 25 days

Visa type

[Note – Due to Boarders & timeline restrictions we can just accept EU citizens] – You will require this visa for the duration of your stay.

Apply before: 25 Oct, 2021

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