Job in Denmark – Front-End Software Developer

Job Opportunity in Denmark

Organization: Qarma ApS

Position: Front-End Software Developer

Location: Århus, Denmark

Duration: 52 Weeks

Salary: 15000 DKK per month

Visa Type: PR3

Deadline: January 7, 2020

Role description

Implement new features. You will work as an integrated part of the development team to implement new features. Senior developers will provide guidance and review code to give you feedback. Over time, you will get more and more responsibility for more complex features. You will engage in discussions with designers and fellow developers about how to design new features in our product. We use agile development with cross-functional teams to create the best solutions for our users.

Main activities

Write tests for the new features. You will write tests for your own code as an integrated part.

Fix them if there are problems. We are all responsible for fixing bugs in the code.

Make sure our systems are staying healthy.



    Software Development And Programming
    Computer Sciences


    Mobile Development
    Cloud Computing
    React JS✱

Nationalities: No preferences


  • English*

Study Levels

  • Bachelor

Selection Process

14 days – CV screening and shortlisting
14 days – IT test & interview

Estimated process time is 28 days

Health Insurance
Once in Denmark, you will apply for a personal identification number (CPR), and a public health insurance card. This will provide you with a doctor in the local area, and free admission to hospitals (not dentists!); Only the first month of arrival you need to take care of your own health insurance.


Host AIESEC office
AIESEC in Aarhus

Be careful – Don’t provide your bank or credit card details when applying for jobs.