Job in Japan – Web design and HTML / CSS coder

Job Opportunity in Japan

Organization: AGENT Inc.

Position: Web design and HTML / CSS coder

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Duration: 10 Weeks

Salary: 80000 JPY per month

Visa Type: All EPs will come to Japan by “Short-Stay “ VISA( Category as TEMPORARY VISITOR) in Global Talent programme. We provide you with an invitation letter and the documents by which you apply for short-stay VISA and you get it easily by the invitation letter. 【CAUTION】All EP candidates must understand followings in accordance to VISA rule: 【1】You need to be registered as an undergraduate or graduate student before and after the internship and before to apply for Short term VISA 【2】Your major needs to match the internship programme 【3】You need to submit a copy of your passport and the certificate that proves this programme would be given credits from your school to apply for short-stay VISA 【4】It will take about 2 months from “Matched” to “Realized” in order to issue the VISA specially for AIESEC’s internship. 【5】If you participate in this intern, you need to obtain a short-term visa according to the instructions of AIESEC. 【6】Do not purchase flight ticket before the VISA is issued. Please prepare the Visa application Documents with AIESEC in Japan. Please check what kind of other documents are needed for short stay VISA apply in your country. 【7】You have to go back to your home country immediately once the internship is finished. 【8】You will be prohibited to have part-time job during your internship in Japan.

Deadline: January 10, 2020

Role description

You will work as a web designer in AGENT Inc. for 10 weeks. The outline of job description is to make a presentation, join an orientation, produce the outcome, and to join a project.

Main activities

Make a presentation about what you want to achieve during this internship.

Understand projects and products of AGENT, then build environment for product developments.

Take charge of production and development tasks, and will produce the outcome.

Join a project and will do some tasks of production and development with team members.

Make a presentation about a report of the internship.



Computer Engineering✱


Programming Skills
Adobe Illustrator
Windows PC Usage✱

Nationalities: No preferences



Study Levels


Selection Process

10 days – 【1】Interview with TNM, member from hosting LC
10 days – 【2】Interview with Company’s people

Estimated process time is 20 days

Health Insurance

You must have valid medical insurance for your duration in Japan. It need to be checked before your arriving so please make sure to take care the insurance with your home LC before coming.


Host AIESEC office

Be careful – Don’t provide your bank or credit card details when applying for jobs.