Software Developer

M-Labs Limited

Software Developer (Intern)

Company: M-Labs Limited
Location: Hong Kong
Salary: 20000 HKD per month
Category: Computer engineering
Language: English

About M-Labs Limited

We are a small company which develops open source tools for physics
laboratories world-wide.
Our flagship product is the ARTIQ control and data acquisition system – a
programmable software and FPGA system that runs most of the equipment
used in modern quantum physics experiments with trapped ions, cold
atoms, or diamond NV centers. A list of scientific publications on some of
the experiments involving ARTIQ can be found on our website.
ARTIQ is developed in collaboration with the NIST Ion Storage Group,
whose former leader David Wineland won the 2012 Nobel Prize in
physics, the Ion Trap Quantum Computing group at the University of
Oxford, and several other institutions. ARTIQ is used today by over a
hundred of quantum physics research groups around the world.


We are looking for highly motivated, results-oriented candidates with an
interest in fundamental scientific research, able to pick up new skills
quickly, and with a long-term perspective.

In collaboration with our team and scientific research institutes around
the world, you would develop improvements to the ARTIQ software
and/or FPGA gateware, and firmware for scientific instruments related to

Working hours

Monday to Friday, 09:00am – 5:00pm


  • Software development, firmware development, FPGA development

Pick the slot most suitable for you

3 Jul, 2023 – 5 Jul, 2024

Openings available: 1

Apply before: 19 May, 2023


Computer engineering (Required)

Linux (Required)
Rust (Required)
Python (Required)
C++ (Required)

English (Required)

All Nationalities

Minimum study level

High School (Required)

The steps involved in being recruited for this job.

1  estimated process time

Estimated process time is 7 days

Visa type

Training Visa – You will require this visa for the duration of your stay.

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To apply for this job please visit