Project Manager

ID: 185
Job Role: Project Manager
Organizational Unit: Africa
Grade: IP-3
Compensation: Annual net-base salary starting at EUR 53.280 as per increment 1 of the applicable grade and salary scale for the duty station
Allowances and Benefits: Participation in the ICMPD Provident Fund, Health and Accident Insurance, six weeks’ annual leave and, where applicable, dependent’s allowance and mobility and mobility related allowances
Duration of Assignment: 14 months
Mandatory Documents: Curriculum Vitae, Motivation Letter
Optional Documents: List of Professional Referees
Closing Date: 10/11/2021

The Centre for Practical Skills (CoPS) is part of a public-private initiative launched by ICMPD and its private sector partners to support the creation of sustainable and decent livelihoods for Nigerian youth, supporting economic development of Nigeria and tackling some of the root causes of irregular migration. In a nutshell, the initiative will encourage European investments in Nigeria and create training and employment opportunities for youth, with a particular focus on women and returnees. The private sector component of the initiative aims to provide eco-friendly business infrastructure in Enugu (Business Park) to stimulate investment, economic growth and job creation. It also aims to develop a Start-up Centre to facilitate entrepreneurship at local level, developing a solid partner and client base for European investors. ICMPD is leading the training component of the initiative, focussing on the creation of a sustainable vocational training centre, to provide demand-driven training and certification of skills of youth in technical areas, mainly linked with the construction industry. The successful trainees will receive employment with partner companies or support to create their own company/start-up thereby becoming self-employed and potentially generating additional jobs.

The present 18-month action will be focused on the set-up and roll-out of CoPS in Enugu, Nigeria, including the start of the first phase of the training. It will include the development of training programmes, job profiles and curricula, identification of teachers and trainees, training of trainers, setting up the project office as well as the training facilities, including the necessary infrastructure and equipment.

FUNCTION (Task Identity):
The Project Manager is responsible for the management of the CoPS project and for ensuring the direction of project activities, delivery of project outputs and the achievement of project targets and results.

The Project Manager organises for a prompt kick off/initiation of the project, including set up and recruitment of project staff. S/he develops and maintains relationships with project partners, beneficiaries and other stakeholders as well as plans and coordinates implementation of all aspects of the project ensuring that the project is managed according to the approved project documentation, work plans and budgets in line with ICMPD´s rules and business processes as well as partner and donor agreements. The Project Manager ensures timely and qualitative delivery of project outputs and achievement of project results in close collaboration with the project team, project beneficiaries and donors as well as manages a smooth project finalisation and closure.

The Project Manager establishes and monitors the implementation of a project work plan ensuring that adequate data and information is gathered for assessment and reporting. S/he continuously analyses the implementation of the project, takes corrective action as required and assesses achieved results for quality and impact. The Project Manager plans and coordinates project communications activities and ensures that reporting on project progress and results is timely, of high quality and carried out in accordance with donor agreements. The Project Manager coordinates project´s contribution to ICMPD´s knowledge base and identifies and develops new projects and participates in resources mobilisation activities.

The Project Manager leads and supervises the project team consisting of ICMPD personnel and consultants ensuring that the team works according to the project work plan and produces timely and qualitative outputs. S/he assesses the performance of the project team members and works in closely with the Policy Team for production and quality management of policy-related outputs and with CRM for financial management and coordinates her/his work with the other Project Managers.

The Project Manager works under the supervision of the Director for Migration Dialogues and Cooperation (MDC).


1. Direction of project activities and kick off:

  • Ensure a prompt start of the project, including the setting up of a new project office in Enugu, Nigeria.
  • Recruit project team. Draft ToRs, organise interview panels, follow-up on recruitment process ensuring timely deployment of the project team.
  • Organise on-boarding for the newly recruited project team members. Establish project work plan ensuring adherence to the Project Document and direction of project towards planned targets and results. Coordinate with project stakeholders
  • Coordinate project strategic direction and work plan with project partners.
  • Establish collaboration and information flows with project stakeholders, donors and beneficiaries and key project experts ensuring that project´s objectives, direction and expected results as well as implementation approach are well-communicated to all stakeholders.
  • Assess and as necessary adjust, the initial project budget ensuring that the budget supports achievement of results within the timeline.
  • Develop a communications plan for the project according to donor agreements and ICMPD´s Communications Strategy. Coordinate set up of project website and social media contents. Initiate project contacts database
  • Initiate project implementation by organising/coordinating organisation of kick off and inceptions events as applicable.

2. Project management and implementation:

  • Organise work of the project team in Enugu, Vienna and Abuja in line of the project work plan. Track and monitor implementation of the work plan and the timely accomplishment of project outputs. Take corrective action as required.
  • Mobilise project staff and experts, goods and services, capacity building and grants schemes for activities, including reviewing and approving terms of references and specifications and overseeing contractors’ work.
  • Coordinate and follow-up with partners ensuring that activities are carried out according to agreed work plan and other agreements. Ensure that project´s scope and direction remain relevant for achievement of the intended results.
  • Ensure that project content and outputs are produced timely and according to project work plan and ICMPD´s quality standards. Review, comment upon and approve project outputs (reports, presentations, publications). Ensure review and quality control of policy and research outputs by Policy and Research Units respectively.
  • Oversee and coordinate organisation of meetings, seminars, workshops and other events. Ensure that agenda, technical notes and working group papers and other inputs to events are produced in a timely manner.
  • Control and approve project correspondence.
  • Assess project progress and results in close consultation with project stakeholders. Develop improvements to enhance performance of the project.
  • Implement ICMPD´s risk management system at project level. Take preventative and mitigation measures as applicable.
  • Ensure and oversee a systematic monitoring of project activities and progress in line with ICMPD monitoring guidelines. Ensure data and information gathering for project monitoring.
  • Organise scheduled and ad hoc project reviews.
  • Monitor implementation of the project communications plan. Organise drafting of communications materials, edit project-related publications, coordinate and oversee inputs from the project team.
  • Participate in, and chair project events, seminars and workshops. Present project results to various stakeholder groups such as Steering Groups/donors.
  • Participate on behalf of ICMPD in conferences/meetings/seminars relevant for the project.

3. Project administration and reporting:

  • Ensure adequate management and administration of the project office in Enugu.
  • Ensure that project activities are implemented in an efficient and cost-effective manner in line with
    the work plan.
  • Ensure that administrative processes such as procurement and contracting are carried out promptly and in accordance with ICMPD rules and established business processes. Ensure compliance with donor rules as applicable
  • Identify and take corrective actions promptly.
  • Oversee the appropriate use of project funds in accordance with the budget. Monitor and analyse budget implementation and adjust budget to changes in project work plan.
  • Ensure timely reporting to donors and partners, oversee formulation and drafting of progress and final reports. Coordinate with Corporate Resources Management (CRM) Team for preparation of financial reports. Submit reports (full package) to donor according to established reporting schedule.
  • Ensure project documentation is maintained and filed according to ICMPD policies.
  • Coordinate and implement project closure activities.

4. Management of project team and experts:

  • Plan the composition of the project team, revise as required.
  • Identify project experts. Draft /approve ToRs. Oversee timely deployment.
  • Coordinate the work of the project team by allocating tasks, supervising task completion, coordinating work processes.
  • Ensure effective and transparent management and communication processes within the project team.
  • Keep the team abreast with developments relating to ICMPD.
  • Oversee implementation of ICMPD´s security system for staff safety, as applicable, in collaboration with ICMPD Senior Security Advisor and Head of Office as applicable.
  • Evaluate the performance of project team and experts according to ICMPD´s performance management system, report regularly on team performance to supervisor(s).
  • Keep informed about the expertise/specialisation of project team members. Support development of expertise and knowledge in the team.

5. Participation in programme/project development:

  • Actively identify opportunities for expansion of ICMPD´s activities and development of new initiatives.
  • Provide and formulate inputs to development of new initiatives.
  • Identify and formulate lessons learned and best practices from project implementation to feed into formulation of new projects.
  • Provide support and participate as a member of ICMPD communities of expertise and practice in collaboration with the PRS.
  • Develop and formulate new projects. Draft concepts and project proposals, work plans and budgets for new projects.
  • Participate in resource mobilisation for new projects.

KEY RESULTS (as per Job Component):

  • Project implemented according to project documentation, donor/partner agreements and project work plan and budgets in line with ICMPD´s rules and business processes.
  • High-quality project outputs and deliverables produced according to project plans.
  • Project budget implemented according to ICMPD´s rules and project narrative reports prepared according to donor agreements and ICMPD guidelines.
  • Project Team deployed as per project work plan and the work of the team supervised and coordinated in a results-oriented and motivating manner.
  • Project lessons learnt and best practices identified and documented.
  • Ideas and concepts for new projects identified and new projects formulated.
  • Project office in Enugu is managed effectively


  • A minimum of 5 years position-specific experience in management of projects in multiple countries or multi-sector project in one country in the field of migration.
  • Substanatial knowledge and experience in developing and implementing projects in the area of publicprivate partnerships in the field of migration and/or vocational education and training.
  • Experience in project financial management.
  • Experience in management of project teams and experts.
  • Substantive knowledge of migration issues.
  • Professional training in project cycle management. Certification is project management (Prince2 or similar) is a distinct asset.
  • Strong analytical, drafting and organisational skills
  • Solid communications skills


  • Experience in an international context.
  • Proficiency in (verbal/written) English, proficiency in a major EU language, is an asset.
  • Master´s degree related to the area of work.

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