Staff Engineer (Web Development) – Hong Kong

Job Opportunity in Hong Kong

Organization: Digital Transaction Limited

Position: Staff Engineer (Web Development)

Location: Hong Kong

Duration: 4 Jan, 2021 – 28 Mar, 2021

Work hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00am – 6:00pm

Salary: 13000 HKD per month

Visa Type: Training Visa

About company
Digital Transaction Limited is a hybrid blockchain ecosystem startup based in Hong Kong. We can be configured either as a public blockchain or as a consortium blockchain. We invented and developed our own blockchain technology – ParallelChain™ addressing the commercial needs: scalable (unlimited endorsed nodes with no degradation in performance), token trading (<0.1 sec confirmation and unhackable wallet), preventive security against insider threat with biometric anti-spoofing, provable immutability, failsafe smart contract, and full compliant with the privacy ordinance (e.g., EU GDPR). Our high speed transaction rate 100,000 TPS empowers us to emulate other platforms such as Ethereum and Hyperledger faster than them operating in their native mode.

Role description

Digital Transaction is looking for a Staff Engineer with web engineering skills to develop, deploy, and maintain websites as well as web applications. It is a cross-functional role that involves collaboration between design and engineering. The role should master web technologies, understand the multi-language support and security of websites and web-apps. Experience with eCommerce or Blockchain will be a plus. The role will also have strict compliance with our Code of Ethics: Respect doctrines of intellectual property rights, trade secret protection, and fiduciary duties. Working in a start-up, you would have opportunities to learn from and work with world-class scientist and engineers, and everyone is multicultural, team-focused, dynamic, and upholds a ‘Make-it-happen’ culture.

Main activities

  • Perform the duties of a Staff Engineer
  • Write code for website design, user-interface for mobile apps and other devices
  • Research different software programs, open source codes, content management systems, maintaining software documentation
  • Coordinate with other teams to help achieve their objectives with the design
  • Communicate regularly with clients to ensure their desires are met
  • Conduct usability testing
  • Create product prototypes, wireframes, storyboards, sitemaps, and screen flows
  • Develop personas and usage scenarios
  • Analyse user feedback and activity
  • Assist with content development

Computer engineering
Computer sciences

UX design
UI design
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
React JS

Nationalities: All Nationalities

English (Required)

Study Levels
Bachelor (Required)

Selection Process
The steps involved in being recruited for this job.

1. Prescreen by AIESEC

2. Technical Assessment and Interview by Digital Transaction Limited

Estimated process time is 21 days

Health Insurance

You will require health insurance for the duration of the opportunity.


Be careful – Don’t provide your bank or credit card details when applying for jobs.